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 Vermont Log Homes Structures

Vermont Log Homes Structures

A full-scribed wall is paired with the compression fit housed round notch. The logs ends feature Swedish cope.

We specialize in handcrafting:

  • Full-Scribe Structures
  • Chinked Structures
  • Piece-en-Piece log construction
  • Log Timber Frames
  • Log Trusses
  • Log Purlins
  • Log Sunrooms
  • Log Elements
  • Log Stairs
  • Log Railings
  • Adirondack Gazebos
  • Saunas

Our craftsmen specialize in the Scandinavian full-scribe round-notch wall system. This is a shrink-to-fit system which incorporates factors such as log size, moisture content, log mass compression and climate variations into the design.

We offer features that few other companies do! Over-scribing of the lateral walls and use of the compression fit round notches creates an air-tight, shrink-to-fit home. We offer impressive white pine logs with diameters up to 30″ and lengths of up to 70′ long!

All of our homes include the following in our price:

  1. Window and door bevels cut and sanded
  2. Drilling for electrical wires and locations of electrical boxes cut and hewn
  3. Partition slots cut for interior walls
  4. Insulation of log walls
  5. Trucking and Reassembly of house

Additional options include:

  • Archways
  • Log staircases and railings
  • Log elements for dormers and gables
  • Staining and chinking

Each home we build is custom tailored to the wishes of our clients. As every home is individually designed, we do not have a fixed price scale. However, there are many factors which influence the cost of your log shell:

  • Height and number of logs
  • Number of corners and notches
  • Log diameter and length of walls
  • Wall style (chinked or full-scribed)
  • Complexity of roof and wall systems
  • Number of door and window openings

Contact us to discuss your project and learn how affordable a handcrafted log home can be!