Our Services

Log Shell Packages

Our custom designed log cabin includes:
-Custom design & plans
-A handcrafted log shell reassembled on your foundation by our log builders
-Includes: logs predrilled for electrical wiring, logs mortised to receive electrical boxes, cut wall slots, window jams installed & ready for windows, log stairs and loft railing, insulated corner and lateral notches, log roof system with milled flats ready for SIPs or conventional roof framing, finely sanded window bevels, log ends, and curves.
-Support for any carpentry questions that arise during completion.

Dry-in Packages

Our complete log shell package, plus SIPs roofing installation, underlayment, framing of dormers and gables and windows installed.  Your cabin will be securely enclosed and ready for your carpenter.

Turn Key

Our complete log shell package, plus we will oversee your entire project!  Includes excavation, foundation, utilities and full completion of cabin.  We work directly with you to select fixtures and materials that give your cabin a personal touch.

Build Management

We work directly with you and other contractors to oversee the parts of the project you’d like us to manage.

SIPs Roofing Panels

Structural Insulated Panels are engineered specifically for your cabin.  They consist of tongue and groove pine boards that create a finished ceiling, 10” of foam insulation and exterior sheathing.  Our log builders install them directly over the log roof system.  They keep your cabin incredibly warm and shedding water quickly.  We cover the OSB sheathing with underlayment so they are ready for your final roof surface.

SIPs foam 


Fieldstone Fireplaces, Exterior Stonework

We collaborate with a talented mason who will create a stone masterpiece for your cabin.

Fieldstone Fireplace Exterior Stonework


We prefer Piece-n-piece for smaller saunas, full-scribed for larger.

Piece.n.piece Sauna Full scribe Sauna


Hybrid style garages compliment log homes.  They utilize round log timber-frame construction with conventionally framed walls in-between the log posts.  They can have an Adirondack, Craftsman or Scandinavian inspired style.

Log Timber-Frames

Our log roof systems and custom trusses utilize round log timber-frame construction.  Entire homes can be built this way, as can additions, sunrooms and glass focal points.

Log Timber Frame Log Timber Frame truss Log Timber Frame Sunroom

Log Elements

Trusses, beams, posts, and hewn timbers can accentuate any style of construction.  We’ve installed them in numerous types of buildings.  Slabs (or half logs) can be used decoratively on gable ends, garages or to finish stair-holes.

Log Element Trusses Log & Steel Trusses

Custom Timbers

We produce massive timbers up to 18” square and 60’ long.  Hand-hewn or band-sawn available.

The Process

1. It starts with the right trees…Brant selects the trees while they are still standing. 2. The logs are unloaded in our building yard. 3. The peeled logs are ready to be draw-knifed. We keep them full-length, with their natural taper. These are 54’ long with 24” butts! 4. Each log is draw-knifed by hand. These smaller logs are floor joists. 5. Wall logs are set up for scribing. 6. Scribing wall logs. 7. Cutting a notch. 8. Cutting a notch. Rough areas will be hand chiseled. 9. Cutting a lateral. We’ll install closed-cell foam insulation in them. 10. The cabin taking shape in our building yard. 11. Scribing a truss. 12. Scandinavian King Post 13. Trusses and roof system are built last. We drill for electrical wires and insulate the notches as the cabin is taken apart. 14. Trailers loaded, ready for our crew to reassemble it on your foundation. 15. The logs are set on your foundation. 16. The logs have been set on your site. 17. SIPs panels installed and ready for roofing. 18. The completed cabin!